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Marketing your iPhone game Part 2

Going into the unknown

In the previous article we looked at ways to make an app successful. Well, we looked at ways in which an app can become successful. Most of the ways mentioned rely on factors outside of the developers control. In this article we will be looking at techniques which can be used and utilised by a developer to increase initial market awareness leading to boosted sales.

Only the most successful apps make money?

There is an interesting difference in attitude of app developers to regular product developers. Often I talk to developers who look at the hugely successful apps and they say that a lot of the process is luck. Go viral and spread. But where did this misconception come from? Is it true in any other area? It is often assumed you either have a world renowned app or an unknown app that languishes on the web somewhere. This isn’t true. Though many apps do fail (they are bad, too similar or unlucky), a large number record good sales and make money without making headlines. These still make the developer money enough to continue developing.

When you go down the high street you will be drawn to brands you have seen on TV or that have been recommended to you by a friend. These aren't the only shops you shop at though. People enjoy shopping and seeing what is out there, being where they look is the important thing.

Strategic manipulation of your app

In this post I am going to be looking at three different strategies for gaining consumer interest and knowledge of your company and brand. These ideally should be used in conjunction with each other to build a strong user base to launch a new product or range from.


Improving the public relations of a company is an essential way to improve interest for a new product launch. PR agencies essentially promote companies or individuals using editorial coverage. This is a type of free media with stories appearing on websites, magazines, newspapers and blogs. If money isn’t an issue then hiring a PR agency to manage the release of a new product is normally a good bet. If money is an issue then there are lots of steps you can take, without being a PR professional, to take advantage of this “free” media.

Let’s look at how a product is normally launched:

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