Gym Simple Released on the App Store

Today we released Gym Simple to the app store. About 6 months ago I started going to the gym again, I spoke to a friend who's a personal trainer and he set me up with a series of exercises to do. I would run for half an hour then do some weights. Unfortunately, I have a bad memory so I'd forget the weight I should be lifting. Usually I'd just try to guess - 10kg looks about right... After I found that that didn't work I started writing down my workouts in the 'Notes' app on my iPhone. That was much better but it was still a bit messy. I decided that enough was enough and went to the app store to find a good app for the gym. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. The apps seemed to come in two flavours:

  1. Overly featured: These apps try to do everything. They come pre-programmed with every exercise under the sun. They show you which muscle group each weight trains, they come with built-in workouts. For me, this was too much. I just wanted to record my workout. I didn't want the app to be full of functionality that I was never going to use.
  2. Ugly or buggy: There were some simple workout apps but they were mostly horrible. Gym Hero has hundreds of positive reviews and seemed ok but the interface is terrible. I'm a developer and graphic designer so can't stand bad design. It also wanted to charge me for basic things like being able to change the name of a workout!

More for myself than anything else I decided to try to do it properly. Gym Simple is a simple, easy to use, beautifully presented exercise and workout tracker.


The base unit in Gym Simple is an exercise. An exercise has a name, an icon and some units. Lets look at an example:

If you use the cross trainer, you could add an exercise like this:

  • Name: Cross Trainer
  • Unit 1: difficulty
  • Unit 2: time

If you wanted to do a bench press the exercise would look like this:

  • Name: Bench press
  • Unit 1: Sets
  • Unit 2: Reps
  • Unit 3: Weight

Once you've added exercises, each time you train, you can enter the details and the app will remember your history.


Exercises can then be added to workouts. Maybe you train cardio once a week so the workout would look like this:

  • Name: Cardio
  • Exercise 1: Cross Trainer
  • Exercise 2: Running
  • Exercise 3: Stepper

When you click on each exercise you can see exactly what you did last time! This helps you balance what you do this time and see how you're improving.

I also added a graphs module to the app so you can plot any exercise on a graph to see how you're doing.

Anyway Gym Simple is available on the App Store now. It's free so download it and give it a go! Gym Simple


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