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Bugs and Issues

For any bugs or problems you find while using Shape Workshop


If you have any problems using Shape Workshop post them here. I'll answer them the same day!

waegame (not verified)

when clike publich to android,show message box :can't find path. eg: sprite sheet could not be saved to
\users\bensmiley-andrews\documents\projects\shape workshop\testing 2\shapetest\profiles\new level


This sounds like you haven't setup a new publish path. The path you're posted contains: "bensmiley-andrews" which is a path on my computer. For the example projects I tested the projects before uploading - maybe I forgot to reset the paths. You need to click: File->Edit Project, from this dialog you can choose a location for the Android and iPhone publish paths. Let me know if this doesn't work.

waegame1 (not verified)

when I open your example project,then file->edit project,but the publish path location... button can't work.then i goto input the path and click the confirm,it's also not work.
Another when i create new project, the location... works right.
my os is win7 64,but when i use your app,it happens a slow run speed.


It sounds like it's a bug which I've not been able to test because I don't have a computer running Windows 7. Just to confirm, the actual buttons in the "Edit Project" menu don't work. When you input the path manually and click confirm that doesn't work either. I'll try to investigate this on a Windows 7 machine and I'll post the result here.

Here's a work around:

1) Save your project to a known location
2) Close the project
3) Open the project.xml file in notepad.
4) Change this line in the XML file:
or this line:
5) Re-open the project and your export path will be set


I've now tested Shape Workshop Beta 2 on Windows 7 using Java 7 and I can't reproduce the issue you describe. Could you please provide a more detailed description of your system hardware and setup?

Jim (not verified)

i used your "Tracing images to create Box2D objects" tut
but the colliding is weird.
please help


How are collisions weird? Can you give me some specifics? There could be a number of reasons for the behavour, which won't be directly related to the tracing algorithm. Winding direction and how the shape is triangulated would be the likely suspects.

jim (not verified)

creating polygon works perfect but i think it does not work because it is a concave shape.
i need to create that shape with multiple convex shapes.
I think that will fix it.

look at this:


I'm moving this conversation to it's own thread because it's not strictly a bug with Shape Workshop. Here's the link to the continuation. Box2D: Complex shapes and triangulation.

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